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HEAVY DUTY Paternoster Rigs 50Lb...

HEAVY DUTY Paternoster Rigs 50Lb...




! What an economical way of CHASING THE BIG GUYS !

Pre-tied paternoster rigs are ideal for those fishos wanting to use their own terminal tackle, but would rather not tie the rig themselves. We have done all the work for you.

Currently available in packs containing one size, (with multi-packs to come later) these rigs are certainly a very quick, easy and economical way of doubling your chances of a catch.

Our new "Heavy Duty" 50Lb Rigs have been developed by customer request, and also include the new "Long Drop" design. This configuration not only gives you greater length to work with when tying the sinker on, it also allows greater control over how close or far from the bottom you can position your bottom hook.

Each rig features 2 twisted arms with exact dimensions on the image to the left. Simply thread your hooks onto the arms, tie a swivel to the top and a loop at the bottom of your sinker and away you go.

Teamed with our very own "Scentinel" you simply can't go wrong.

We do cater for larger orders of which we are happy to quote for you, simply contact us via the details on the "contact us" page.

These rigs are used comprehensively by the SFP team, so consider them "tried, tested and trusted".

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