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Fishing Line

Fishing Line

Good strong fishing line is crucial for hanging on to that fish once you’ve hooked it. There is no worse feeling in the world than having hooked the biggest fish of your life only to have it become “the one that got away” thanks to a line breaking.  That’s why we, here at Specialty fishing Products, recommend Shiyuza fishing line. Shiyuza products offer substantial strength and durability at an affordable price. Our selection of fishing line is tried and tested by the team here at SFP.

We stock fluorocarbon leader in both 100m(5.25Kg to 20.12Kg) and 300m (1.28Kg to 4.25Kg) lengths. This leader is very supple with superior knot tying and holding characteristics.

We also stock 500m(4Kg to 24Kg)  length premium quality braid line in a variety of colours. It has proven performance on a number of species including: Gummies, Snapper, Mulloway, Kingies etc.

Our monofilament fishing line is a premium product and comes in a 500m spool (3.6Kg to 11.5Kg) . It has proven its worth time and time again on fish such as: Australian Salmon, Whiting, Flathead and Bream.

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